K-1 PE Curriculum

Here is a list of the Curriculum for K-1 PE:

JoggingLocomotor SkillsHula HoopsSkippingSprintingFootball— Throwing and CatchingObstacle RunsTagHealthy EatingSoccer— Dribbling and PassingMajor Muscle GroupsJump RopeParachuteBenefits of ExcerciseBasketball— Dribbling, Passing, Ball HandlingTeam workT-Ball/Softball— Batting, Throwing, and CatchingVolleyball— Volleying, Passing, Setting and HittingRaquet Skills Looking forward to seeing how much Kinder and First grade grow throughout the year. 

Baseball in September

We are now over a month into the school year and over the get to know each other hump. I am happy and pretty surprised to say that I have memorized all the K-1 students` names(with the occasional mix up of course). The students, on the other hand, have not all learned my name yet. So if you could give them a quick reminder that their PE teacher's name is Coach Warren I would greatly appreciate it.  😅

For the month of August we worked on giving our friends the appropriate personal space or knowing our personal bubble. This led us into jump roping, hopping with 2 feet at the same time, and leaping with one foot before the other. I am very happy with how jump roping went because by the end of the unit each student was able to jump over the long rope at least one time. It was amazing to see the perseverance and determination the students showed when they didn't make it over the first, second or third time. 

Now that September is here we have moved on to baseball. So far we have lea…
Hello Chargers!

Welcome to K-1 PE! My name is Catrina Warren and I am excited for this year to begin. For PE this year we will be learning a range of sports and acitivities from voleyball to lacrosse to jump roping to football. We will also be focusing a lot on learning how to tie our shoes, for those who dont know how to, and for those who do we will learn how to keep it tight to make sure they stay tied throughout the day and especially during PE. The first weeks of school will be team building based where we will practice working as a team and having good sportsmanship. Also, we will learn the importance of stretching before participating in a game, activity or excersise.

Here is a little bit about myself.... I was born and raised in Southern California were my life was centered around sports. My sports career started off with basketball at the age of 4. When I started junior high I joined the volleyball and continued playing both volleyball and basketball in high school. My junior y…